4 Ways Decluttering Will Make Your Family Happier

Clutter is a common problem plaguing families today. In fact, it is so much of a problem that many households can't use their garages because they're so full of junk. Still others rent storage units to hold their ever-growing boxes of stuff. Sound familiar? Some families, however, are finding out that less is more. Less junk means more time, more enjoyment and more peace. If you're thinking about decluttering your home, motivate yourself with this list of four ways decluttering will make your family happier. Read More 

How To Make Your Chain Link Fence Last

Chain link fences are popular for their low cost, lack of visual intrusiveness and durability. However, like any type of fence, you should provide your chain link fence with care and maintenance so that it keeps doing its job well. Here are a few things you can do to keep your chain link fence in tip-top condition for a long time to come: Paint it Today's chain link fences are constructed of galvanized steel components; they may be uncoated or coated with a polymer coating. Read More 

3 Roofing Errors You Might Make That A Professional Never Would

In order to save time and money, many homeowners decide to take on the challenging job of repairing or replacing their own roof. Unfortunately, roof repair isn't as easy as it looks. Small installation errors can lead to big issues, which can destroy your home and cost more money than you bargained for. Here are three roofing errors that you might make, and why you should think about hiring a professional contractor to do the job instead, like one from Chisholm Roofing Ltd. Read More 

3 Plumbing Problems That Can Occur After A Trip To The Beach

When summer arrives, many folks embrace the season by visiting a local beach. After slathering yourself with sunscreen and finding the perfect spot for your towel, it's time to relax and listen to the waves hit the sand. Protecting your skin from sun damage might be your biggest worry, but a blistering burn isn't the only unpleasant thing that you might experience after your trip. Whether you spend your day swimming at Crystal Crescent, Nova Scotia, or soak up some rays at Grand Beach, Manitoba, keep an eye out for the following plumbing problems when you arrive back at your home. Read More 

Give Your Toilet A Makeover: How To Buy A Toilet Seat And Install It Yourself In Just Minutes!

Toilet seats are simple to replace, yet many people continue to use old, stained, or uncomfortable seats on a daily basis. If your toilet seat is worn-out, ugly, or simply not providing a level of comfort you need, then think about replacing it. It's an easy job and one that you can do in just a few minutes with ordinary tools. Here is a little information about toilet seats and a guide to installation: Read More