Money-Saving Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Your kitchen often serves as the focal point of your home, commonly utilized for entertainment, dining and family activities. While you want you kitchen to be as functional, modern and aesthetically pleasing as it can be, a full renovation can be costly. If you are an experienced "do-it-yourselfer," you may be able to save quite a bit of money; however, you will need to consider a few guidelines. Here are some money-saving tips to think about before undertaking a kitchen renovation project: Read More 

3 Things You May Forget When Getting Your House Ready For Winter

If you live in a cold, snowy climate, winterizing your house is a must. You know you need to do it before the snow starts to fall, so autumn is the perfect time to get things in shape to keep your house safe and in good working order through the cold months. If you're not already working on it, you should be. There are the basic preparation techniques everyone knows about, such as draining your pool, caulking any drafty areas, and making sure your basement is flood-proof. Read More 

How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Make You Sick

If you live in a home that has poor indoor air quality, you may be at greater risk for developing certain illnesses. Even those who keep spotless homes are not immune to poor air quality, as this generally is not the result of inferior housecleaning. If you or a family member develops new allergies or health symptoms, the air that you're breathing inside your home may be to blame: Here are some ways in which poor indoor air quality can make you sick: Read More 

Why Oilfield Trucking May Be The Most Rewarding Career You Ever Have

Oil field companies across the U.S. and Canada are in dire need of truck drivers, yet there still seems to be a shortage within this industry. Working the "Patch," as it's often referred to, tends to get in your blood and stay there, according to this blogger. No matter what you've heard about the good, the bad, and the ugly, here are the top three reasons why working as an oilfield truck driver could be one of the most rewarding careers you ever have. Read More 

Causes And Solutions For Unpleasant Septic Tank Odors

All the waste in your home is decomposed and stored in a septic tank. Bacteria in the tank eat away at the waste, keeping it at a manageable level. However, some septic tanks can develop an odor if there are not adequate bacteria in the tank and the pH levels become too acidic. Learn the primary causes of septic tank odors and how you can eliminate these unpleasant smells. Causes of Septic Tank Odors Read More