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Give Your Toilet A Makeover: How To Buy A Toilet Seat And Install It Yourself In Just Minutes!

Toilet seats are simple to replace, yet many people continue to use old, stained, or uncomfortable seats on a daily basis. If your toilet seat is worn-out, ugly, or simply not providing a level of comfort you need, then think about replacing it. It's an easy job and one that you can do in just a few minutes with ordinary tools. Here is a little information about toilet seats and a guide to installation: Read More 

4 Places To Keep Spic N Span In Your Gas Heating System

Although your heating system might seem relatively maintenance free, it is actually quite important to keep the airways clear of lint and debris. Otherwise, your furnace may not properly create and distribute heat needed to keep your home at a steady, comfortable temperature. You might turn up your thermostat to compensate, driving your bill up significantly. Luckily, you can clean up the following areas once or twice a year to prevent problems associated with dirty vents, ducts, filters and pilot tubes. Read More 

Is Do-It-Yourself Demolition A Good Idea?

Impressed by home improvement shows that make home renovations look easy, do-it-yourselfers are often eager to pick up a sled hammer and start knocking down walls in their quests to refurbish their spaces. However, deconstructing a home requires skill and patience. Here's what you need to know about demolition to help you decide if this is something you can do yourself or if you should leave it to the professionals. Read More 

3 Steps For Removing And Preventing Rust Before Painting Your Galvanized Metal Roof

Your old, galvanized metal has taken a bit of a beating from the elements and has started to mar the overall appearance of your home. However, you think it is still structurally sound enough to last a few more years. All it needs is a coat of paint. Before painting the roof, however, use the following three steps to remove any rust and prevent it from forming in the future Read More 

Roof Repair Safety: 3 Tips To Prevent Accidents

In Southwestern Ontario alone, 10 to 13 people die annually from falling off of their roofs. To prevent these accidents from happening, most homeowners will look to hire professionals roofers rather than climb their own roofs, which is highly recommended. Still, there are some people who are brave enough to insist on accomplishing such a task. If you want to do some roofing work yourself, keep in mind that it is a dangerous task. Read More