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3 Important Reasons To Choose French Patio Doors Over Sliding Glass Doors

If you're getting ready to install new patio doors, French doors and sliding glass doors are two of the most popular choices for most people. While both types of doors have their pros and cons, French doors have some distinct advantages you should know about and factor into your decision. French doors come out ahead in some very important areas like ease of use, security, and energy efficiency. Ease of Use Read More 

4 Ways A Part-Time Job Can Help You Become A Better Asset For Future Employers

Sweating over midterms, finals and hours of college homework is never easy. But graduating from college and realizing employers want work experience or history along with a degree is even harder. Fortunately, obtaining a part-time job as a college student, like at Student Works Residencial Painting Services, can help you become a better asset for future employers in more ways than one. Building Work History Many employers prefer to a candidate who has a solid employment history under their belt, even if you are a recent college graduate. Read More 

Perk Up Your Kitchen Cabinets With These 5 Décor Ideas!

Whether you're working with cabinets that are decades old or you've just had a new set installed, personalizing their look is a great way to perk up your kitchen and make it unique from others. Here are five fun décor ideas to consider: Refinish the Surface If you have older cabinets, refinishing them will help to protect the wood they're made of and make them look new again. Refinishing new cabinets is a great way to put your own unique spin on their shade and color. Read More 

4 Ways Decluttering Will Make Your Family Happier

Clutter is a common problem plaguing families today. In fact, it is so much of a problem that many households can't use their garages because they're so full of junk. Still others rent storage units to hold their ever-growing boxes of stuff. Sound familiar? Some families, however, are finding out that less is more. Less junk means more time, more enjoyment and more peace. If you're thinking about decluttering your home, motivate yourself with this list of four ways decluttering will make your family happier. Read More 

How To Make Your Chain Link Fence Last

Chain link fences are popular for their low cost, lack of visual intrusiveness and durability. However, like any type of fence, you should provide your chain link fence with care and maintenance so that it keeps doing its job well. Here are a few things you can do to keep your chain link fence in tip-top condition for a long time to come: Paint it Today's chain link fences are constructed of galvanized steel components; they may be uncoated or coated with a polymer coating. Read More