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Why Oilfield Trucking May Be The Most Rewarding Career You Ever Have

Oil field companies across the U.S. and Canada are in dire need of truck drivers, yet there still seems to be a shortage within this industry. Working the "Patch," as it's often referred to, tends to get in your blood and stay there, according to this blogger. No matter what you've heard about the good, the bad, and the ugly, here are the top three reasons why working as an oilfield truck driver could be one of the most rewarding careers you ever have. Read More 

Causes And Solutions For Unpleasant Septic Tank Odors

All the waste in your home is decomposed and stored in a septic tank. Bacteria in the tank eat away at the waste, keeping it at a manageable level. However, some septic tanks can develop an odor if there are not adequate bacteria in the tank and the pH levels become too acidic. Learn the primary causes of septic tank odors and how you can eliminate these unpleasant smells. Causes of Septic Tank Odors Read More 

Important Considerations For Light Tower Towing

No worker wants to be left in the dark on a nighttime job site. However, being negligent about the state of your diesel-powered light towers as you transport them onto the site can place the site itself and other workers in jeopardy. There are several things you should know about how to transport light towers in a safe and secure manner. Securing the Mast and Stabilizers A loose or fully erect mast is one thing you never want to see as you're towing your light tower. Read More 

5 Energy Efficient Building Materials That Are Sweeping The Nation

If you're in the market to build your very first home, chances are you want to spend the least amount of money as possible. Back in the old days, energy efficient building materials were seen as too expensive and not as effective when it came to keeping the structure of a home sound. Fortunately, things have changed over the years and energy efficient building materials are becoming the industry standard. Not only are they cheap and sturdy, they will save you a lot on energy costs down the road. Read More 

How A Dirty Humidifier Can Cause Illness And How To Prevent It

If your furnace doesn't have a built-in humidifier, you may rely on a portable room humidifier to restore moisture to the dry air in your home. While very low room humidity can lead to increased static electricity and itchy skin, it is better than using a less-than-clean humidifier, which can lead to illness. Respiratory Problems Mold and bacteria can breed in room humidifiers, according to Mayo Clinic, and it can get into the air through the mist when the unit is turned on. Read More