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4 Steps To Building A Child-Friendly Home Deck

Many parents would love to build decks onto the backs of their homes, but they worry that their children will play on it too much and injure themselves. Small children at play are prone to injury anywhere, but by taking the right precautions when building your new deck, you can make it a safe environment for your entire family. While supervision is always important when small children are at play, keep the following tips in mind when having your deck designed to make it as child-friendly as possible. Read More 

The Science Behind The Perfect Glass Of Water

Water--everyone needs it. Over the years, humans have learned that no two water sources are the same. As a business that uses potable water for your customers and clientele, having water that is clean, clear and potable can help you to boost satisfaction. Science has proven that it's possible to go above and beyond water that is simply "drinkable. Many different minerals and substances can increase its palatability. Learn what goes into making the perfect water from a scientific standpoint right here Read More 

Residential Concrete Paving: Five Important Aspects For Newbies

If you're a newcomer to the field of concrete paving, you probably would appreciate some guidance and insight. Did you know there are many things can affect the way concrete sets, including the weather? Do you know the basics of subgrade, subbase and Visqueen? Newbies should go to sites and be familiar with terms that are frequently used in concrete paving. If you're a do-it-yourself handyman working on home projects here are some things every newbie should know: Read More 

3 Things You May Forget When Getting Your House Ready For Winter

If you live in a cold, snowy climate, winterizing your house is a must. You know you need to do it before the snow starts to fall, so autumn is the perfect time to get things in shape to keep your house safe and in good working order through the cold months. If you're not already working on it, you should be. There are the basic preparation techniques everyone knows about, such as draining your pool, caulking any drafty areas, and making sure your basement is flood-proof. Read More 

How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Make You Sick

If you live in a home that has poor indoor air quality, you may be at greater risk for developing certain illnesses. Even those who keep spotless homes are not immune to poor air quality, as this generally is not the result of inferior housecleaning. If you or a family member develops new allergies or health symptoms, the air that you're breathing inside your home may be to blame: Here are some ways in which poor indoor air quality can make you sick: Read More