3 Water Heater Problems That Reduce Your Water Quality

Regardless of whether you're taking a shower, washing your hands, or cleaning your dishes, the hot water that flows through your fixtures passes through your water heater. Although your water heater has operated flawlessly for several years now, you've begun noticing an obvious decrease in your hot water quality. Here are three water heater issues that are likely causing your water quality problems: Damaged Heating Components If the water flowing through your plumbing fixtures is lukewarm when it's supposed to be hot (even while your thermostat is set accordingly), then your heating components likely need to be repaired or replaced. Read More 

3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Heating This Winter

As the cold season approaches, you might be thinking about holiday get-togethers, playing in the snow with your kids, and unfortunately, massive heating bills. Although the chilly season offers a gorgeous setting and a nice break from the sweltering summer, it can be tricky to foot the bill for indoor climate control. However, you might be able to make those utility bills a little less painful to rip open by using these three easy ways to save money on heating. Read More 

Money-Saving Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Your kitchen often serves as the focal point of your home, commonly utilized for entertainment, dining and family activities. While you want you kitchen to be as functional, modern and aesthetically pleasing as it can be, a full renovation can be costly. If you are an experienced "do-it-yourselfer," you may be able to save quite a bit of money; however, you will need to consider a few guidelines. Here are some money-saving tips to think about before undertaking a kitchen renovation project: Read More 

New Pool Owners: How To Winterize Your New Pool’s Skimmers

Installing a new swimming pool in the summer can keep your family cool and happy in the heat. But as the cold season quickly approaches, you need to protect your new pool by winterizing it. Some of the parts you may protect on your own are the pool's skimmers. If you don't winterize or protect them, you may place your pool at risk for ice and snow damage. Here's what you should do to avoid this. Read More 

8 Easy Ways To Lower Your Power Consumption

Whether you want to help prevent global warming or to lower your monthly power bill, cutting down on your energy usage is a good way to do it. There are lots of methods of cutting down on energy usage that are easy and inexpensive (or free) to implement in your home! Here are just a few of them that you can try. 1. Unplug Devices You Are Not Using You might think that turning off your phone or your computer means that it is not drawing any power, but the device is still using energy if it is plugged in. Read More