8 Easy Ways To Lower Your Power Consumption

Whether you want to help prevent global warming or to lower your monthly power bill, cutting down on your energy usage is a good way to do it. There are lots of methods of cutting down on energy usage that are easy and inexpensive (or free) to implement in your home! Here are just a few of them that you can try.

1. Unplug Devices You Are Not Using

You might think that turning off your phone or your computer means that it is not drawing any power, but the device is still using energy if it is plugged in. One or two devices being plugged in may not make much of a difference to your home's energy consumption, but the average home has 40 products plugged in at any given time. These unused objects can account for as much as 10% of your home's power usage, so simply unplugging them can make a huge difference.

2. Use Natural Light During the Daytime

Do you turn on lights as you walk into a room out of habit? If you have natural light coming in through your windows, consider leaving the lights off. You can still see well without using any energy.

3. Take Shorter Showers

Long showers don't just waste water; they waste energy, too. Water heating accounts for as much as a fourth of your home's energy use, and when you take a long shower, your water heater is working hard to provide plenty of hot water for you. This uses up a big chunk of energy, so consider cutting down the length of your showers.

4. Regularly Replace Your Air Conditioner's Filters

When your air conditioner's filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, the system is not able to work as well. This can raise the energy consumption of the air conditioner by up to 15%! You should replace the machine's filters (or clean them if it uses reusable ones) about once a month to maximize its efficiency.

5. Add Rugs to Bare Floors

Does your home feel cold if you don't turn the heat up? Add some rugs to any carpet-less floors to increase the insulation of your home. Rugs keep warm air from escaping through the floors, warming up your rooms and helping you to use less of your heater.

6. Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent lamps or halogen incandescent bulbs, can be found at the same place that you typically buy light bulbs. Not only do they use less energy, but they also last longer, meaning that you have to buy new light bulbs less often.

7. Keep Your Freezer as Full as Possible

When you open your freezer, any open space on the inside is filled with warm air from the outside. Once you close it again, the freezer has to use a lot of energy to cool down that warm air. You can stop this from happening by keeping your freezer full, leaving less open space to get filled with warm air.

8. Wash Your Laundry with Cold Water

When you wash a load of laundry using hot water, your water heater has to kick in and use a lot of energy. Cold water is just as effective at washing clothes, but it can cut down on your energy usage.

Cutting down on energy usage does not have to be difficult or expensive. While replacing your appliances or windows with energy-efficient versions might lower your energy consumption, there are lots of easier cuts you can make in your home that can lower your power bill and help the environment without taking a lot of money or effort. Ask your local electrician for more information.