4 Ways A Part-Time Job Can Help You Become A Better Asset For Future Employers

Sweating over midterms, finals and hours of college homework is never easy. But graduating from college and realizing employers want work experience or history along with a degree is even harder. Fortunately, obtaining a part-time job as a college student, like at Student Works Residencial Painting Services, can help you become a better asset for future employers in more ways than one.

Building Work History

Many employers prefer to a candidate who has a solid employment history under their belt, even if you are a recent college graduate. In fact, gaps in work history, listing peers as references instead of managers and lengthy unemployment are among the top six reasons employers often consider other candidates.

Fortunately, obtaining a part-time job as a student enables you to build a credible work history with references you can supply to your future employer. Additionally, working as a part-time student allows you to put some extra spending money in your pocket so you can afford expensive tuition and living costs while going to college.

Building Accountability

Although part-time employers who employ students are often more easygoing than a traditional boss, they still hold you accountable. In other words, you still have to show up to work when scheduled and you need to perform your job as expected. Thanks to a part-time job, you can build accountability to show your future employers that you are a reliable and trustworthy asset who will arrive on-time.

Accountability is a huge factor for many employers. If you have a history of showing up to work late or making excuses why you can't show up at all, chances are you will find yourself out of a job quickly. Luckily, a potential employer can contact your former part-time manager and ask about your reliability, which will help boost your chances of obtaining a job out of college.

Building Employment Skills

It always helps if the part-time job you choose is in line with the type of work you are looking for when you get out of college although it is not necessary. For example, if you are currently studying to become a construction worker, an interior designer or a home builder, it makes sense to obtain a job as a part-time painter.

Part-time employment allows you to gain hands on skills that can benefit you when you are finally ready to obtain a long-term career. Employers are more likely to hire you if you have experience in the line of work you are looking to enter. As a construction worker, interior designer or home builder, chances are you will come across the occasional painting job, and luckily for you, you will have the experience you need from your part-time job to help you.

Building a List of References

When you fill out a resume or an application for a job, you often have to list references. Employers check those references to determine if you are a good fit for the company. Listing friends and family members is not a great way to go. Although your friends and family may say great things about the kind of person you are, it does not tell an employer anything about who you are as an employee.

When you work a part-time job, you are allowing yourself to build a list of credible references. Aside from your manager, it is best to form healthy relationships with your co-workers, whom you can use as references. Customers can also make great references. If you perform a job that receives praise from a customer, ask the customer if you can use him or her as a reference on future applications.

If you are interested in obtaining a part-time job while attending college, talk to your college counselor or seek out part-time employment opportunities near your campus. Your counselor can point in you in the right direction toward jobs that likely match your wants, needs and current schedule. The best part is, you can make new friends while building your future success.