Perk Up Your Kitchen Cabinets With These 5 Décor Ideas!

Whether you're working with cabinets that are decades old or you've just had a new set installed, personalizing their look is a great way to perk up your kitchen and make it unique from others. Here are five fun décor ideas to consider:

Refinish the Surface

If you have older cabinets, refinishing them will help to protect the wood they're made of and make them look new again. Refinishing new cabinets is a great way to put your own unique spin on their shade and color. You don't have to refinish the base of the cabinets to change their look. Focusing on the cabinet doors is all it will take to make a difference:

  • Unscrew the cabinet door from their bases.
  • Remove the hardware (handles and hinges) from each door.
  • Sand off the old paint or stain with heavy-duty sandpaper.

Then it's as simple as staining the doors in a shade that suits your own personal preferences! Many stains offer hints of color such as cherry and amber that will darken up your cabinets.

Add a Pop of Color

Color has an ability to have an affect on our moods as we are exposed to them. For this reason, adding some color to your cabinets may help to brighten your outlook while preparing food and they'll make your time behind the stove more enjoyable overall. Try one or more of these effective options:

  • Create happiness and leisure with yellow.
  • Use shades of red to make the room come alive with energy.
  • Design a sophisticated space with the help of purple.

You don't have to paint the entire cabinetry in order to make colors work for you. Consider trimming the doors or painting designs (such as stripes) on them with your favorite colors.

Replace the Doors

A dramatic way to change the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets is to replace the doors on them altogether. There are a myriad of interesting designs and shapes of doors available on the market. Some popular options include:

  • Doors with glass faces that allow you to see through them.
  • Doors with metallic trim.
  • Doors with rounded corners or wavy edges.

If you're looking to incorporate more than one of these options, you can have a service provider make customized doors for you.

Etch Some Designs

If you want to create a look that you know nobody else will have in their kitchen, try etching designs into them! Pick up some stencils from a craft store to use as a guide and invest in an inexpensive handheld engraver to etch the designs into your cabinets as you see fit. It's a good idea to complete some practice runs on an old piece of wood so you're comfortable with creating straight lines and curves when it comes time to etch your actual cabinets.

Switch out the Hardware

The handles on your cabinets might seem insignificant, but if you remove them you'll find that the look of the entire room is affected. Taking the handles off your doors completely is a great option in itself when creating a new look in the space, but it's not the only choice. Consider some of these fun ideas:

  • Use large bottle caps as handles to create an eclectic look.
  • Install stainless steel handles for a modern look.
  • Implement ropes as handles for a country look and feel.

It's important to consider maintenance requirements before installing new hardware on your kitchen cabinets. For example if you don't want to have to worry about stains, you'll want to stay away from options that incorporate fabric (like the rope idea!) and stick with ones that can be easily cleaned with a damp rag instead.

Implementing just one of these options is sure to make a positive difference in the look and feel of your kitchen and make spending time in there a better experience. Consider asking the help of places like Mike's Country Woodworking for more inspiration.