Roof Repair Safety: 3 Tips To Prevent Accidents

In Southwestern Ontario alone, 10 to 13 people die annually from falling off of their roofs. To prevent these accidents from happening, most homeowners will look to hire professionals roofers rather than climb their own roofs, which is highly recommended. Still, there are some people who are brave enough to insist on accomplishing such a task. If you want to do some roofing work yourself, keep in mind that it is a dangerous task. This is why most roofers purchase insurance before even attempting any jobs. Implement these 3 tips in order to prevent accidents.

Always Look at the Weather Forecast Before Braving the Journey Onto Your Roof

Regardless of whether you have shale or rubber roofing shingles, one thing is inevitable. All roofing shingles can become slippery when wet, and many accidents happen this way. Before you even decide on working on your roof, you should always look at the weather forecast to determine what the weather is going to be like. If you don't see sunny skies with not even a hint of rain possible, don't try to do any roofing repairs or inspections.

If it has been raining previously, you want to wait at least a day for the roof to completely dry up before you try to do any work. If not, you run the risk of slipping. Since most roofs are several stories high, slipping from the roof can result in severe and even fatal injuries. 

Make Sure That You Are Wearing the Proper Attire

Just like for work, you need to be dressed for the job. Make sure that you have proper attire before you try to do any roofing repairs or inspections. You should wear rubber-soled shoes as they are able to offer more grip and traction, and should also make sure that the soles are free from mud and dirt.

Wear pants when working on the roofs, and make sure that you don't have any baggy clothing on that can get hooked onto the shingles or other housing structures. You also don't want to be wearing many layers of clothing as this will only affect your movements and your ability to respond quickly. 

Keep in mind that roof work can be dirty. Your roof is the first housing element that is exposed to environmental and elemental conditions. Naturally, a lot of dirt and debris will have accumulated. In short, don't wear your best clothes. 

Use Proper Safety Equipment

If you don't have proper safety equipment, then you should really consider leaving roofing repair jobs to professionals. You should always use a ladder that can extend at least 3 feet above the roof so that you will have something to hang on to and off to as you maneuver on and off the ladder.

In addition, you will also want to use a roof safety harness at all times that may help break your fall. You will need to nail on roof brackets for the safety harnesses, but the roof brackets can be removed when you are done repairing or inspecting.

Safety harnesses can cost anywhere from less than a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Cost of the safety harnesses will be dependent on their quality, the amount of weight that they can support, among many other factors.


You should leave steep and high roofs to professionals. The several dollars that you would be saving by doing the job yourself really is not worth the risk that you are putting yourself in. Keep in mind that most roofing contractors—like United Roofing—also have fall protection training, and will know how to protect themselves. Roofing contractors also have taken out insurance so that they are protected financially, and so you won't be held liable in the event that accidents do happen, and they get injured.